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Body Behaviour

Body Behaviour


An Integrated Movement Experience

BODY BEHAVIOUR is the practice of intentional movement patterns that promote awareness and stability. You will learn how to effectively communicate to your tissues in order to adapt and teach your body how to safely reach greater ranges of motion with neurological control, articular strength, coordination, and flexibility.  Shirin creates a holistic and therapeutic approach to movement training that integrates cutting-edge techniques through customized classes that help target your specific needs. Body behaviour is movement through the body, therapy for the mind.

Join Shirin In Body Behaviour for a 4 part series workshop of integrated movement that connects mobility, strength training, ELDOA, and wild & wonderful movements.



Work It Out: Looking at movement in opposition to a seated and stressful work culture

I Got Your Back: Cultivating decompression and space along the spinal column for better posture and movement fluidity.

Get Low: Connecting the joints and muscles of the lower body (i.e. ankles, knees, hips, lower back, pelvis…) to the broader body system

Up High: Connecting the joints and muscles of the upper body (i.e. wrists, shoulders, core, cervical spine…) to the broader body system


Saturdays Feb. 8 to Feb. 29 @ 10am-11am

$20 drop-in per class for non-members or $65 for all 4 classes for non-members


Body Behaviour:


  • Enhanced body control and confidence
  • Increased movement potential
  • Expansion of joint mobility
  • More balanced, whole body strength
  • Less stress in body and mind





    “Can’t wait for another session! I didn’t know such simple moves would kick my ass. Shirin knows her stuff and her classes are the piece of the puzzle that is missing for most people looking to build whole-body strength.” Jason Battiste former Canadian Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champion, 48

    “Shirin’s classes are absolutely wonderful. She always asks the group what they would like the focus on and makes her group classes more like personal training sessions. Shirin provides incredible, individualized attention and hands-on assistance to every learner.” Jamie, 30, Director/Owner YOGAthletix



    Class Trainer


    I’m inspired by human expression and potential. I began my career in health and wellness over 15 years ago in an effort to ease my own restless, nervous system. Since leaving the corporate world in pursuit of this meaning and substance, I have dedicated my learning to movement education. Starting my exploration in strength involved repetitive movement techniques often at a gym, but then I was able to fine-tune those movements through a deeper understanding of the connections between muscles, fascia, and joints. Through yoga, I was able to layer on the controlled use of breath in the cultivation of a mind-body connection, while Thai massage added an appreciation of touch energy to my movement expertise, and when ELDOA®became a part of my repertoire, I felt the pieces of the puzzle all falling into place. Training in a variety of movement disciplines allows for a level of agility and personalization in my educational approach that helps me to create targeted space solutions for individual bodies. Cultivating a mindful practice has helped me feel more at ease in my body, mind, and spirit, and I look forward to helping you create the space you need to feel less stress and more balanced.


    • Personal Trainer
    • Mobility Specialist
    • Yoga Instructor
    • ELDOA Practitioner
    • Thai Massage Therapist
    • Life Coach

    Integrated Movement Educator


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    Classes: Cardio, 5KM Run, TurboKick, Reggae beat, Core-Abs, Bootcamp, Cardio Strength & Yoga. 

    Great fitness studio. Trainers are very professional and knowledgeable to help you achieve your fitness goals.

    They will motivate and inspire you to embrace physical fitness through a lifestyle change. 

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