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Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Circuit training focused on weight training and athleticism

Circuit training is a high-intensity circuit workout focused on weight training and athleticism. Participants rotate through six stations which challenge endurance, strength, agility, speed and power, using various equipment and body weight. This class is for the MG warrior who wants to push harder, gain muscle, shed weight and tone their entire body. Sweating is a MUST. Join our full-body workout training now. All levels are welcome.
NOTE: Indoor shoes are required.


Circuit Training Benefits:

  • You will build a strong core and strong legs while keeping the heart rate up with some cardio
  • You will get a total body workout which includes strength, resistant training and flexibility
  • It’s all about having fun with a positive attitude
  • Be prepared to sweat and smile, while losing weight


Event Hours(1)

  • Wednesday

    06:30 am – 07:10 am

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