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Client testimonial

I love that Marcia makes sure her clients perform each exercise correctly to avoid the development of injuries. Her teaching experience is extensive, and what she brings to her classes is beyond expertise. She listens to the needs of her clients and helps them reach their goals in a safe and timely manner. Marcia encourages you to do the exercises right, which is reassuring to anyone who does not want to develop bad exercise habits.



I've been taking Hatha Yoga classes at MGFitness4u Studio for 2 months now, and I can see how my flexibility has improved. I like that the class size isn't too big, and the instructor (Nicole) is very attentive. When I can't do a pose, she provides me with an alternative, a similar variation of the pose. It's awesome because I always have a goal to work towards. Her classes are so relaxing and cater to all levels of flexibility.



Working out with Marcia is a highlight of my week. She motivates me to continue my fitness journey and is knowledgeable about all things fitness. Marcia's in tune with my personal fitness goals. She can get anyone moving and sweating, especially in her early morning Bootcamp classes. After completing her morning workouts, I am awake and prepared to start my workday.



It can be intimidating to be in a gym environment. I used to be unfamiliar with the proper use of handling gym equipment and was intimidated by everyone around me, who was so fit. I became unmotivated, a bit lazy, and my eating habits were taking a turn for the worst. These are a few of the reasons why I never liked working out; especially, at gyms packed with equipment. I was relieved to find MGFitness4u studio because Shirin showed me fun body workouts that don’t have to involve the use of equipment. She eased me into her workout classes by assessing my fitness level and giving me positive feedback on how to improve. I felt welcome and comfortable. Her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle was evident throughout her classes as she explained the importance of proper form and the benefits of each exercise. After attending her classes, I was inspired to get back to eating healthier and was impressed by how her training uplifted my mood.



From the very first class, I found Nicole to be calm and inspiring. She makes everyone feel welcome. Her classes have replenished my physical energy and help me to relax, which contributed to having a good night’s sleep. Thank you, Nicole.



When I entered MGFitness4u Studio, the lights were dimmed, there were lanterns on and peaceful music playing, which created the perfect yoga ambiance. It was especially welcoming when Nicole came over to introduce herself as the Hatha Yoga Instructor. The class was excellent and embodied a serene atmosphere. I enjoyed her teaching approach and the coziness of the space. It's nice that I was able to find a place that I enjoy doing yoga.