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Client testimonial

Nothing amounts to working out with a fitness instructor whose attitude is motivating, enthusiastic, and joyful. I've been training with Marcia for about three years now, and I feel amazing. I feel like her Reggae Beat classes are enough to brighten anyone's day. She listens to my fitness concerns and gives me a realistic approach to attaining the healthy lifestyle that I desire. Her workouts are fun, challenging, and boost my confidence. I've also noticed that I've been sleeping better at night.



Working out with Marcia is a highlight of my week. She motivates me to continue my fitness journey and is knowledgeable about all things fitness. Marcia's in tune with my personal fitness goals. She can get anyone moving and sweating, especially in her early morning Bootcamp classes. After completing her morning workouts, I am awake and prepared to start my workday.



I enjoy attending Marcia's classes. She bring their own personal touch to the fitness studio! My advice for anyone uncertain about joining classes at the studio would be, meet the instructors in person. They are friendly and sources that can deepen your understanding of what they teach.