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I have been an active wellness and fitness professional and educator for over 30 years. I love what I do because I can witness the effects my teaching has on my clients. It’s a jovial experience for me to make my clients proud to share my passion and happiness with others and to see the physical and mental transformation my clients go through along their fitness journey. I believe teaching is a way to elevate my soul, and I get a great deal of satisfaction seeing the hard work the team at MGFitness4u produces to influence the public in becoming more active and living healthier. My focus is to encourage everyone to get in shape through a lifestyle that embraces physical fitness, and I invite you to stop by the studio to meet the instructors and join a workout session. Every aspect of a client’s fitness goal is significant whether it’s weight loss, a boost in self-esteem, or gain muscle mass. I consider multiple aspects when I assess my client’s abilities and create workout plans. Before opening my MGFitness4u Studio in the Gatineau region, I was a body builder and trained in Montreal. I am passionate and committed to helped others achieve their personal fitness goals and customized training programs. I view exercise as an act of self-care that is essential to our everyday lives. Apropos the subject of fitness, we shouldn’t limit our abilities by completing only one form of exercise. Engaging all the muscles of the body through a variety of exercises<br /> helps to build strength, and doing is consistent, can prevent future injuries and health issues. Keeping an active lifestyle requires dedication, pushing limits, putting in the time and effort, no excuses. Apart from teaching fitness classes, I enjoy biking, downhill, skiing, hiking, running and meeting new people. Sometimes on the weekend, I like going out for a drink, dancing, trying out a new restaurant, and socializing with friends.


Nicole Folliet

Hatha Yoga Trainer

Nicole has been teaching yoga for 15 years and tailors the class to the participants; she offers options for asana postures to accommodate all levels of ability. Her initial yoga teacher training was with David Swenson and she has attended numerous workshops including with practitioners Richard Freeman and Douglas Keller.

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